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18/10/02 Shunde Guanzhou China

I first met Master Chen Juntuan about fifteen years ago in Chenjiagou Hunan provience china the birth place of Taijiqun. Since then we been meeting at least one a year either in China or Israel. This is the first time I am taking a camera with me to China and its feels strange. Most of the time I don't feel as a forigner in China, I feel more like being here for a long time.

I am not much of a photographer or a writer so please bare with me I just want to share with you some of my experiences.

This is the park by the river side where Chen Juntuan is training. Even after all these year I still admire the unique combination of my Sifu relextion (fung Shong)and his unbelivable power especially his fa-jing. which means internal power power release.

As you can see above even Chen style training can be fun with such students.

Lets say that the food here is intresting here its considerd the best in China. However, I have to admit I missing Oved's Sabih in Givatime.

22/10/02 Shunde Guanzhou China

But take a look at the next picture

She is just 8 years old and I think her Chen Su Taijiquan Lao Jia I lu (Chen style taiji old form no. 1) is just great.

The "flying" man above is Liang Yun Chang one of Chen Juntuan students in shunde performing Chen Su taijiquan Xinjia R lu (Chen style taijiquan new form no. 2).